Favorite Pali fonts for Romanized text

German requires things like ä, Ä, ö, Ö, ü, Ü, ß which is perhaps not always covered.

French has ç, ï, ë, é, è, ê, etc.

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On my previous post, I mainly wanted to refer to Atkinson Hyperlegible. The other two fonts I mentioned, are IMHO not ready to be used for generic purposes because apart from the lack of special characters they also lack italics and bold.

Just a comment for you that like Lexend and want to use it for other purposes: give Didact Gothic a try as it’s almost the same font but thinner and this makes it ideal for some of you that may find lexend “too bold” by default.

You can see a comparison below:


I just found this tool


It isn’t specifically for font analysis. But it does show what languages need which characters.


Anagarika Sabbamitta, I really do like these font suggestions. It will take time to explore how we might integrate one of these fonts into Voice. Note that SuttaCentral has its own custom font that fully supports Pali characters, so the problem of support is challenging. We’ve had difficulty in the past with missing characters. For example the Voice font doesn’t have small caps Pali letters.

It is exciting to see a variety of fonts competing for legibility!


That’s Charis, which is an excellent choice. Gentium from the same foundry is also good. Unfortunately the project lost steam before completion.

That looks hypercool. Shame it doesn’t cover the needed diacritical marks.

If I were starting SC again today, I would without hesitation use the Source Pro family. It’s very legible (if not hyper-legible).

We only ended up using a proprietary font because there were no adequate free fonts at the time. I’m happy we have Skolar, though!


@sujato you re right about Source fonts. Yesterday I loaded the latest Source Sans 3 from the GitHub link of the first post. They 're very “clean” and legible too.

Thanks for your suggestion. :pray:


Arima Koshi & Madurai

By ndiscover.com
8 weights. Free. Available as a Google Font, but there it is missing the ṁ

Just added


Very nice, it would be a sweet little display font for Dhamma messages or images, that sort of thing. Also Tamil support!

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I’m partial to the Inter font, which is a modern take on a Helvetica type geometric neo-grotesque sans-serif font, optimized for screens, and available at many different weights. It seems to have full support for Pali and Sanskrit characters at every weight as well.


Oh, that’s really nice! A solid and very capable sans for lots of utility or graphic uses.

One nitpick, though: helvetica (and Inter) are not “geometric”, but rather neo-grotesque.

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I just added these to the wiki. If anyone has opinions about them that would be most welcome. Also if anyone likes to do up sample screen shots that would be great.



Noto, (mentioned in post 8 and 9) can be added to the Sans-serif list. Though it should be noto-d that the bold looks a full point size bigger than the regular and is a bit awkward for inline bolding.