Finding my way around the vinaya

Hello everyone.
I still haven’t been able to work out how to use the search engine on this site. So I work through the menu but Im not sure how to translate a vinaya reference into where it is on suttacentral.
for example, I was looking at the khandaparitta and Bhante G’s index says it is from:
Vinaya Piṭakaṃ, 2:110 [§6]. The Book of Discipline, 5:148 [§6].
I can’t at all work out how that relates to the categories on the Vinaya menu.


Hi Ayya @Santacari,

Are you looking for the Khanda Paritta about protection from the snakes and other creeping crawling things?

9.1The Buddha is immeasurable,Appamāṇo buddho,
9.2the teaching is immeasurable,Appamāṇo dhammo;
9.3the Saṅgha is immeasurable.Appamāṇo saṃgho,
9.4But limited are crawling things,Pamāṇavantāni sarīsapāni.

10.1snakes and scorpions, centipedes,Ahivicchikā satapadī,
10.2spiders and lizards and mice.Uṇṇanābhī sarabū mūsikā;
10.3I’ve made this safeguard, I’ve made this protection:Katā me rakkhā katā me parittā,
10.4go away, creatures!Paṭikkamantu bhūtāni;
10.5And so I revere the Blessed One,Sohaṃ namo bhagavato,
10.6I revere the seven perfectly awakened Buddhas.”Namo sattannaṃ sammāsambuddhānan”ti.

These verses appear in 3 places.

  1. In the Vinaya pitika, khandhakas, culavagga, chapter 15, section 6:

  2. In the numbered discourses AN 4.67.
    This is the translation I used above.

  3. As a jataka story number 203

The difficulty in finding a reference is due to the numbering system for different books used by different authors.

Bhante G’s references direct the reader to:

Vinaya Pitakam published by PTS in romanised Pali, volume 2, page 110, section 6.

The Book of Discipline published by the PTS in English translation by Horner.
Volume 5, page 148, section 6.

We also have the simpler reference to the khandaka, chapter 15, section 6, subsection 1.

You can see the numbers and how they fit together here:

Other numbering systems also exist.

You might like to check out a previous post I wrote which attempts to explain some if these things and why it’s so hard to find references…

Hope this helps.


Thank You Bhante Akaliko
I will use the sutta reference as easier
although I’m not entirely clear how I find this vinaya reference on this sutta central site.
is it here?
I’ll now go look at your other post - and thanks gain


your screen shot is nice - shows the vinaya context I was looking for.
is that a pdf version of the text you mentioned?


Yes in the Vinaya link I provided above.

No, it’s the page in Sutta central.

Here you go! SuttaCentral


brilliant! thank you.
ooh and the bracketting verses are good fun too :wink:


I guess the best way to learn it is to read it all

and so much thanks for your help today