Finding partners in dharma in Northern New Jersey

This is not as easy as you might suppose. I’ve been to the Buddhist centers in the area, and it wasn’t a great experience. I don’t find that organizations bring out the best in people, not in spirituality, academics or even leisure pursuits.

I’m not looking for an identity, dating prospects, or social validation. I am looking for people who share my interest in and commitment to the dharma; I admire Mahayana teaching, but not when it isn’t backed up with mastery of Theravada . Scholarship is important to me, not for its own sake, but because I want to understand what the Buddha taught as he taught it.

I don’t want to go into detail about what didn’t work for me. I do think that the role of full time spiritual guide in a society that regards spirituality as product is very hard on even very learned and advanced practitioners.

I’ve had very positive experiences here with one on one communications. If I could actualize the Sutta Central vibe in informal meetings for meditation and sutta discussion in living rooms, that would be ideal.

So if you’re in the area and this is something you might be interested in, respond or message me. I’m not trying to start a group with a head and hierarchy, but a circle of friends who are looking to develop insight and compassion through dharma.


Jake, I wish you the best of luck in this, i know it’s not easy to contact like-minded folks. :pray:


Have you visited my friends over at Empty Cloud Monastery?


Thank you for sharing this, it’s something I find relatable. All the best with the search.