Finding The Brahmavihara Sutta

I’m unsure about the status of my question, how simple it is. Hopefully I’ve missed something really obvious. I will state the problem simply, following with my unsuccessful attempts at resolution:

Venerable Anālayo provides this slide in his third lecture on Mindfully Facing Climate Change:

AN 10.208 in SC is a different sutta (and I don’t have the Bodhi print version). :frowning:

The relevant text does appear on V Thanissaro’s old site:

and on his new site, albeit with a different number:

Nor is SC AN 10:196 the text that Anālayo is quoting. :frowning:

So I tried the Dictionary of Pali Proper Names, but Brahmavihara Sutta isn’t listed there. :frowning:

I also browsed through the whole of the Chapter of Tens on SC: unsucessfully. :frowning:

Searching for text strings in Google or SC isn’t working, because different English translations have slightly different wording. :frowning:

These questions are raised: What SC equivalent does Thanissaro’s 'AN 10.208 refer to, and why did he subsequent adjust the number of the Brahmavihara Sutta?

But mainly: Am I missing something obvious? Is there another group of suttas that shares the abbreviation AN?

Can someone suggest what I can do next to find to find this sutta on SC?

I thank you in advance for your help. :pray: (Also, renewed thanks to those who previously showed me some of the above search strategies. :pray:)


I think he means 10.218 in BB’s translation, and at SC: SuttaCentral

Thanks for the try Mike, but unfortunately they’re not the same text. :frowning:

AN10.219? SuttaCentral


That’s it! Thank you so much Mike. :slight_smile: Obviously I was too fast in my browsing. :frowning: