Five faculties vs five powers in MN77

There are two passages in MN77, one that describes the development of the five faculties and the other about the five powers, which appear identical in reading them except that “power” replaces “faculty” in the second passage. The reference is sec 18.1.

I’m trying to understand the difference between the two passages. SN48.7 and SN48.10 have more details on the faculties, expounding on the first passage. Is there any more information on the five powers, and whether they should be interpreted differently from the five faculties?

[Edit] Reading BB’s “A comprehensive manual of Abhidhamma” this passage on page 281 (compendium of categories), guide to sec 27-28, says this: “The faculties and powers comprise the same five factors, though different functions are attached to the two categories. The faculties are factors which exercise control in their respective domains, while the powers are these same factors considered as being unshakable by their opposites.”
Trying to find any EBT/sutta references for this, unsuccessfully. Any guidance is welcome. Thanks.

The distinction between indriya and bala seems to be that indriya, ‘faculty’, means a qualitative range of capacity or extent of dominion in a given province, whereas bala, ‘power’, implies rather a quantitative superiority of endowment. As faculties the five items, saddhā, viriya, sati, samādhi, and paññā, are, in the ariyasāvaka, either effective or latent all at once (see Indriya Samy. vi,2 <S.v,228>) and are totally absent from the puthujjana (ibid. ii,8 <S.v,202>[11]). As powers they are the strength of the ariyasāvaka, who has equipment for practice of the Dhamma that is lacking in the puthujjana. Katamañ ca bhikkhave bhāvanābalam. Tatra bhikkhave yam idam bhāvanābalam sekhānam etam balam sekhamhi. (‘And which, monks, is the development-power? Herein, monks, as to the development-power, this is the trainers’ power, in trainers.') (Anguttara II,ii,1 <A.i,52>) (…)
Nanavira Thera

The following pages “Chapter 7. The path” (pp. 206-240) in Choong Mun-keat’s The Fundamentals Teachings of Early Buddhism may be useful for your question:

(4) The Five Faculties, pp. 218-221
(6) The Five Powers, pp. 222-223