Follow-up to Warder's *Introduction to Pali* with Bhante Sujato / John Kelly 2023-4

@johnk will soon be starting a new beginners course using a different textbook, Gair & Karunatillake’s A New Course in Reading Pāli, so I’m in the process of closing the threads on all the different Warder chapters and topics.

:star: @johnk and @Stephen are happy to continue answering our questions and helping with Warder-related difficulties. :star:

To save them time, and to allow the rest of us easy browsing, please put everything that relates to the Warder course here. Remember to give appropriate chapter and page numbers. Broader questions that go beyond Warder are fine too, but we are likely to receive a wider range of answers from interested people if we post these in the Q & A category. :pray: