For my birthday

OMG Dustin so good to see you here! :pray: I hope you and your family are all well.


Its hard to think of something to give a person with few wishes ! But let me wish that your journey takes you to the goal you are seeking.

May you live long .


Happy belated birthday Bhante… :birthday: :gift: :balloon: :tada:


A very Happy belated birthday Bhante :pray: :bouquet:
May you attain what you’re striving for !! :thaibuddha: :dharmawheel:


Happy birthday Bhante… :grin:


Congratulations! Did my job by listening to a dhamma-talk. Thanks for that!


Well for one you made a excellent joke! Thanks for that laugh. I dont know you but I know you are funny!

Hows that for a present?

Guess I was present 5 days later but in your moment, I hope.

Happy birthday a little late but I am happy now.

Lively regards



Yes, the bank balance reduced by One. I agree with what Bhante has stated, the best would be to to Patikhula Mansikara, contemplate on the 32 faecal matters of this body and realise that both this and others bodies are also 32 faecal matters. “Ajjaththa bahiddacha kaye chandan virajaye”

If I had known of your birthday earlier Bhante,
I would have organised a special Extinction Rebellion…Contemplative Rebel climate change action in the middle of a busy traffic intersection as a gift.
Alas, I came in too late yet at least did meditate and perform several acts of kindness on that very day.
Metta :smile:


What an amazing thing Bhante to suggest others to do something wholesome for your birthday ! :slight_smile: I too join the ranks of those who did all things from the list, thank you for inspiration. :slight_smile:

Also please forgive me for doing it so late, but all the best to you Bhante Sujato! :slight_smile: May you achieve ultimate liberation and be free from all suffering. :heart: :anjal: And may your path be beautiful and hopefully with as little dukkha as possible.

I think a birthday is a good occasion for some kind words, so I’d like to thank you deeply for your wholesome presence in our world. You and your actions really make world a better place. I’m very grateful for the time you’ve taken on your retreat in Slovakia to have many private conversations about dhamma with me and with other retreatants. I’ve never got such an opportunity before and after to spend so much time with a monastic, and to speak about importaint stuff in a face to face situation. :slight_smile: Also thank you very much for your amazing scholarly work and suttas translations, which also helped me and other people in study of dhamma a lot. And thank you for your effort in spreading compassion about hard subjects like climate change and veganism. It was also your discussion panel on a retreat that made me realise how deeply our planet suffers and how importaint is our ecological conduct and spreading awareness. It’s very admirable that your compassion is stronger than fear from touching on unpleasant and difficult subjects that needs our attention and help. And thank you for Suttacentral site and forum! :heart: :grin: A lot of people met here, got to know each other in context of shared passion for discovering authenthic teachings of the Buddha :thaibuddha: I think this is a place that creates many spiritual friendships and this is priceless :slight_smile:

I hope all this merit you made goes back to you as nothing less than Nibbana :slight_smile:

Also if someone don’t know which dhamma talk to hear for Bhante suggestion, perhaps this one :slight_smile: It is first dhamma talk I’ve listened by Bhante Sujato and got hooked up by connecting dhamma with psychology in a very skillful way :slight_smile:

With Metta to all on this happy celebration ! :slight_smile: