For the Sujato proofreaders

@Vimala Is there a thread to highlight typos in the new translation? If not …

If there were no escape from the eye, sentient beings wouldn’t love it. But because there is an escape from the eye, sentient beings do escape from it.


No there isn’t so yes, please let us know if you find something.
Best is to tag @Sujato in on it so he can tell the proofreaders.


The ear is missing in this one.

And here also


Thanks so much Stu!
Please note that Bhante is rather busy at the moment so it might take a while before he gets back to you but please keep posting the errors you find here!


Hi Bhante @sujato, when you find the time:

In MN 23, paragraph SC4

Then, when the night had passed, Kassapa went to the Buddha, bowed, sat down to one side, and and told him what had happened.

One “and” is too much. :wink:


How many proof readers are there?
Just a matter of interest.

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4 I think. He mentions them in the “We’re live” tread.

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John, Lynn, Derek, and Ayya Pasada are the proofreaders.

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Bhante @sujato, I’m not totally sure this is a mistake but in DN15 paragraph 11 you have:

So: name and form are a condition for consciousness. Consciousness is a condition for name and form. Name and form is a condition for the six sense fields. The six sense fields are conditions for contact. Contact is a condition for feeling. …

There is actually no mention of the six sense fields before this and the Pali reads:

Iti kho, ānanda, nāmarūpapaccayā viññāṇaṃ, viññāṇapaccayā nāmarūpaṃ, nāmarūpapaccayā phasso, phassapaccayā vedanā, …

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Hey guys, thanks so much. But to be honest I’d rather hold off on the corrections for the time being.

Proofreading is ongoing, I currently have 481 suggestions to review, and there will be many more.

The “final” double-checked version will be online in a month or two, and that would be a great time to hear from you. Otherwise we’ll just be doubling up on most of these things.