Forbidden topics?

Was there a post about topics that were no longer welcome on this site – including, “The Buddha was born in Sri Lanka”, and, “Original copies of the suttas still exist”, etc. – which were maybe posted too often, and generated “more heat than light”?

I’m virtually certain I remember reading it here many months ago, I can’t find it now – can you refer me to it, and/or was it deleted?

Please forgive me for asking – it’s because I moderate another site, and I was hoping to see again what you wrote (i.e. the list of dubious topics, what wording you used to describe them, and precisely what your moderation policy was).

I’m not looking to reopen a discussion – just a reference if possible.

Or did you delete it – decide against defining such a list – and find another way to moderate it (perhaps I don’t know by moderating how topics are discussed instead of what is discussed, and/or discussing anything once and then closing repetitions as duplicate)?

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Hi ChrisW,

You’re probably referring to the heading “Extremist views are banned on this forum” in the guidelines? :slight_smile:


That’s perfect, yes, I scrolled through the guidelines and didn’t see it. :flushed: Thank you.

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I think it’s called something to the effect of “Extreme Views are Not Allowed,” but I can’t remember the exact title. It was Venerable @sujato’s post, after the forum had a wave of strange culty people insisting the Buddha spent his entire life on Sri Lanka, that Sumeru was on Sri Lanka, that anattā only meant something like “not in your control,” etc., and numerous other odd claims.

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