Forest fires near Abhayagiri

Last Monday, the community of Abayagiri monastery has been evacuated.
The last update on the website is from Tuesday morning:

Update 8 pm October 10:
A neighbor reported that the monastery buildings were OK as of the afternoon of Oct. 9. The fire is still active, and we don’t know the state of the buildings after that time. It is unsafe to travel on Tomki Road, and there are hard closures approaching the monastery from both directions. We plan to update the website as we hear more information.

Yesterday, Ayya Sudhamma shared the following post of Facebook:

California wildfires monasteries: Looks like as of early this morning Abhayagiri Buddhist monastery, the monastery of excellent monks associated with Ajahn Chah, was still standing. (The monks have been evacuated and are safe.) The monastery is located on this map in the valley below the word “Resources” and just above the red blocks showing heat of fire.

Does anybody have more information about the monastery?

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I’m not seeing the word “resources” on the map.

I and others have been posting in the other thread and I will post there if I learn anything else. I’m on their mailing list.

So it’s not just me then. Here is a map that shows “Fair Oaks” and “Ridge” as well as the monastery to give an idea of the location. So the fire is very close.

Sorry, had not seen the other thread. Will link to there: Abhayagiri Monastery & Wildfires

Flew over there yesterday when coming into SFO to land. Could see all the smoke.

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Which other thread please? I and two Bhikkhunis are at Dhammadharini Monastery near the Nuns Fire (no we had nothing to do with starting it or naming it) the Tubbs fire and a closer one who’s name we don’t know. We are prepared to evacuate, but still sending well wishes and hopes for our Bhikkhu neighbors at Abhayagiri.


Never mind, I see the link: Abhayagiri Monastery & Wildfires

All the best to you all in Dhammadharini, Venerable!


Be well, stay safe!

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