Forgiveness and Gratitude for the New Year

I would like to use this marker of time passing as an opportunity to ask and give forgiveness. So :slight_smile: if anything I’ve said here has caused harm in even the smallest way, please forgive me. And I unreservedly forgive anything that I have perceived as even a little bit harmful. That includes any harm I’ve done myself here too!! :wink:

With so many different conditionings in operation, there are many variables to consider when we interact with each other. Sometimes we have felt, thought or typed from our kilesas. Which is to be expected, of course…except for @suttabot we’re none of us robots! :slight_smile: We’ve been tired, in pain, in distress, we’ve been human.

Sometimes there have been the most beautiful surprises. Examples of grace, humility, wisdom, kindness, acceptance. There have been stands made and passionately at times. We have also contributed to creating a place infused with the best of what it means to be human.

I want to express my gratitude for it all. For all the learning and letting go. For all the lovely, heart enriching, Practice fortifying utterances that have been made here. Thank you all so much for every single bit of it all. The beautiful, the ugly and what has been in-between.

Thank you and with metta, wishing you all a very peaceful and kindness filled year.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @suttabot display help.


Thank you Kay :anjal: What a lovely message. Even Suttabot liked it. Forgiveness and starting with a clean slate is so important. Today we get a double go, with it being new years day and uposatha.

Sending lots of metta to you and the whole community.

Keep going, don’t give up!
appamādena sampādethā (as translated by our local SL Bhante)


Thanks very much @Kay for all your work with SC Discourse! All good wishes for frutiful practice this ‘new’ year.


Thank you for just accepting me in your community

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