Frauwallner’s “Earliest Vinaya”: a scanned pdf to download

Here’s a scanned copy of Frauwallner’s classic study of the Vinaya Skandhaka texts. It is a landmark work in modern academic scholarship of the Vinaya, but is almost unavailable outside a few University libraries.

I made a scanned copy a few years ago. In the last little while I’ve learned how to do OCR on a pdf, so I’ve made a searchable version for my own use. I thought some others might find it handy.

If you’re interested in the history of the early community and the evolution of the early texts, you really should read it, at least the opening arguments. Much of his work has never been bettered, and it is still a standard reference in the field.

frauwallner_earliestvinaya.pdf (78.8 MB)


That’s wonderful venerable. This will be very helpful for my study of vinaya, so anumodami :anjal:

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