Free audio podcast "Where are you going?" with Ajahn Sucitto & Nick Scott

Ajahn Sucitto and Nick Scott have recorded an audio version of their books “Rude Awakenings” and “The Great Patient One” that describe a pilgrimage by foot in India they did years ago, a very good read actually.

Each chapter will be released weekly for the next few months. The podcast can be found here:

First episode is coming out on Saturday 27th of June.

If you’re impatient and can’t wait for the next episodes, you can read the books as (authorized) free PDFs here.

(It’s not strictly EBT-related but it’s about a pilgrimage by foot to the ancient buddhist sites of India, so I thought it was worth mentioning.)


Sadhu sadhu sadhu for sharing. May you be well and happy

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A talk given by Ajahn on pilgrimage a few years ago


Just saw the following in my email inbox this morning that says more recordings will be added to this series every Saturday, starting next Saturday, for the next 11 weeks:

We have a new book for our Where Are You Going podcast. I’ll be reading the account of the pilgrimage with Ajahn Amaro to Mount Kailash in Tibet following our teacher, Ajahn Sumedho. The first episode of “In My Teacher’s Footsteps” will be posted next Saturday 27th November and then the chapters will follow each Saturday for the following 11 weeks. I hope you enjoy it.

Nick Scott

No pilgrimage is harder or more ancient than the journey up and over the Himalayan defile to circle Mount Kailash in Tibet. Ajahn Sumedho wanted to do it as a young American in 1950’s California, but only got the opportunity when he was a famous Buddhist monk, aged 60. Nick Scott trained him in European mountains and here recounts his teacher’s attempts, the dire results, and Nick’s own subsequent pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain, with Ajahn Amaro, which nearly killed him. This is a book about adversity, how to face it and what can be gained. But it’s more than that. It’s about the whole journey: life and how to use it, and its difficulties, to find freedom from suffering.

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