Further upgrade to PTS Dictionary; and a note on the Critical Pali Dictionary

Following the helpful tip by @Aminah:

I identified the problem, evidently I had made a find/replace error with the word “giving”—which, as you can imagine, affected quite a number of entries, over 200 in fact. I have now corrected these.

In addition, I have added more structure to the entries, especially with the lists of compounds. This is especially helpful to find your way through some of the very complex entries. I have also made many minor corrections—punctuation, spelling, and so on.

Much remains to be done, but little by little the dictionary is improving.

Also, just to note, it seems the online Critical Pali Dictionary has had a refresh, although the functionality appears to be unaltered:



:laughing: I know a little more than I’d like to about those!

Oooh, I just noticed the compounds are meant to have the little circle thingy, clears up a little confusion for me.

Many thanks, Bhante.

Yes, it means “headword”.

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