German translation of "The authenticity of the EBTs"

The German translation of Bhante Sujato’s and Ajahn Brahmali’s “The authenticity of the early Buddhist texts” is now available here!

Thank you Bhante @Sujato and Ajahn @Brahmali for writing this wonderful book, Anagarika @Sabbamitta for helping with proof-reading, and Ayya @Vimala for encouragement and tech support!


And not forgetting thank you to Ayya @vimalanyani for doing the translation!


I just received a parcel with 40 copies of the newly printed book.


For the German speaking folks here: If anyone would like one, please PM me and I am happy to send you a copy! :books:


Great! :joy:
:tada: :tada: :tada:

I think Tilorien would like to have a copy… :wink:


Sure! I’ll save one… :wink:


You should send a few… to take away. :books: :nerd_face::beginner:

with metta


Ich bin ganz frisch hier und würde mich sehr über ein Exemplar freuen. Leider hab ich es noch nicht rausgefunden, wie man PM versendet. :blush:

Just popped in and would like to receive a copy. Unfortunately not able to send PMs…


Hi Mario, herzlich willkommen! Welcome to the forum here!

In order to send a PM you have to click on your user icon in the right upper corner, and there you click on the little envelope between the flag and the preferences icon. Then you click on “New Message”, select a user and write your message.

Or else you click on a person’s user icon and in the little window that opens then you click on “message”.

But I’ll now PM you and you’ll receive a notification. When you read your notification, just click on it and it will open my message for you. From there you can also answer me.

Yes, sure, I am happy to send you a copy of the book. (Just give me your address by PM.)

On a separate note, and for everybody: Meanwhile the person who donated the printing for the first 100 copies has passed away. So these books are her last Dhamma gift to the world! We should therefore add Elke Beyerlein to the list of people to thank for this book project to become possible! :heart::hibiscus: