Ghost stories and other halloween themes in the Suttas

Hi friends,
I was just discussing with a few friends on another platform about a halloween/ghost themed suttas or sutta quotes for an event they’re holding in a few weeks on Second Life.

If anyone has any suggestions that’d be great.

with mettā

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Ok, so here is my favorite. It is at the same time a ghost (:ghost:) and zombie (:zombie:) story!

On one occasion, a monk went to a charnel ground and took the rags from a fresh corpse.
The ghost :ghost: was still dwelling in that body, and it said to the monk, “Venerable, don’t take my robe.
The monk took no notice and went away.
Then the body got up and followed closely behind that monk. :zombie:
The monk entered his dwelling and closed the door :fearful:, and the body fell down at that very place.