Golden Dictionary

Hello Friends
I was struggling to install the Golden Dictionary. Finally I wrote to Leigh Brasington and he told me that this dictionary is only supported by Windows so essentially unless you are a computer wiz forget about trying on a MAC.
thanks to all who offerred to help me anyways.

Hi Margaret,

I have it installed on my mac (and my pc). It is indeed possible! Let me know if you want to set up a zoom to walk through…I did this with several students from the Warder class. There are a few little odd things to do on the mac os.

Really cool that Leigh Brasington is using it :heart_eyes:

Warmly, Beth


Hello Beth
thanks for the offer to help set up the dictionary. Please send me some times you could meet on zoom. I am retired so free most times-live in east coast time.
take care

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That’s not correct. I use it on my Mac.