Goodness vs Dear in pali suttas?


What suttas there is about that? Because I understand now that it was sramana teaching to see for example meditation as Good to do and not dear. But I’m not sure how to explain this. But I see for example when Buddha says not be afraid of Jhanas. It’s because the disciples knowing that jhanas shouldn’t become something you do for enjoyment but because it’s like for your goodness sake. I know Buddha talked alot about dear. Ofcourse with attachment comes finding things dear. As in mine.

I am not too sure because your details are quite vague. Maybe you are referring to this sutta MN66 as below?

The pleasure and happiness that arise from these five kinds of sensual stimulation is called sensual pleasure—a filthy, ordinary, ignoble pleasure. Such pleasure should not be cultivated or developed, but should be feared, I say.


This is called the pleasure of renunciation, the pleasure of seclusion, the pleasure of peace, the pleasure of awakening. Such pleasure should be cultivated and developed, and should not be feared, I say.

Ok. But thanks but is word pleasure really what Buddha meant? Maybe someone else will know.

I was looking really for a sutta where the two sort of mentality is compared. Like thoughts of meditation being good for you vs thinking like it’s only for pleasure. I guess Buddha saw it as pleasure at certain level. That’s why the mentality to aim until Nibbana is achieved?

I see 1a) Sukha (सुख).—Born of Śānti.*

It should peaceful abiding than. Like is used other places then. This what I mean with seeing jhanas as peace for yourself not that you make it into a fetter like the sutta you shared said. But going further. So the sutta you shared helped. It’s a good one. :pray:t4: