Graphic design and painting as a bhikkhu or bhikkhuni, Vinaya

Hi, is doing graphic design work and painting against the rules? For example, doing monastery or buddhist websites or painting dhamma relevant pictures for teaching purposes.
Thanks for all answers.

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Thank you for sharing the link and the dhammatalk, I will listen to it now.

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Oh wow, these are incredible!

So, links to artistic work by monastics doesn’t answer the question of the op, but here goes…


Those new to the dhamma can readily understand art. From the Buddhist perspective the only thing to bear in mind is that art is an experience within conditioned reality.

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I’m a former graphic designer and we have many creative types in the monastery. There’s always someone making a card for something.

I haven’t seen anything in the Vinaya saying that it is wrong livelihood for a monastic. I both do design for stuff around the monastery and also create my own ‘doodles’ to help work skilfully with emotions or express a Dhamma concept in my mind. These I generally don’t share.

For me, the line is between wasting time/distraction and finding benefit. Sometimes there are wholesome distractions though. For each person they have to find their own limits.

The website above, The Fourth Messenger is a lovely example of monastic creativity.