Graphics of absorption stages

I am asking for your understanding. I approach it with humility. I consider this only a map that may have a lot of mistakes. That’s why I want it to be criticized. Your opinion is important to me. With Metta. :pray:t2:

The sources I used:
(4👑☸hearing in samādhi 👂🌄)

Search: the disappearance of the senses (

AN 9.32: Anupubbavihārasutta—Bhikkhu Sujato (

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Another intepretation (4-8 stages are still Saiayatana?) in Buddhadhamma:
Here is a summary of the various stages and kinds of happiness:

  1. Vedayita-sukha: happiness as a sensation; happiness involving the
    enjoyment of sense objects.
    A. Sense pleasure (kāma-sukha): happiness stemming from the five
    cords of sensuality (kāma-guṇa); happiness derived from the five
    forms of sense contact (phassa).
    B. Happiness of jhāna (jhāna-sukha): happiness as the fruit of jhāna:
    • Happiness associated with the four fine-material jhānas.
    • Happiness associated with the four immaterial jhānas.
  2. Avedayita-sukha: happiness that is not a sensation; happiness not involving contact with sense objects:
    C. Nirodhasamāpatti-sukha: happiness connected to the attainment of cessation; i.e. dwelling in the cessation of perception and feeling (saññāvedayita-nirodha).
    This above classification of happiness accords with the ten stages of happiness described earlier.
    Following is an alternative, threefold classification of happiness, which is similar to the preceding one yet is slightly more flexible or nonspecific:71
  3. Sense pleasure (kāma-sukha).
  4. Happiness of jhāna (jhāna-sukha).
  5. Happiness of Nibbāna (nibbāna-sukha)

I was a bit startled to read this recently:

AN4.77:1.1: “Mendicants, these four things are unthinkable. They should not be thought about, and anyone who tries to think about them will go mad or get frustrated.
AN4.77:1.2: What four?
AN4.77:1.3: The scope of the Buddhas …
AN4.77:1.5: The scope of one in absorption …
AN4.77:1.7: The results of deeds …
AN4.77:1.9: Speculation about the world …

It might be helpful to add such a reference to any tabulation of absorption states, since tabulation is a form of names and absorption goes beyond.