Gratitude especially towards parents


Can somebody advise what are the stories and teachings related to gratitude especially towards parents.

Thank you.



There’s more, but I recently listened to the Siṅgāla-sutta which mentions serving one’s parents. I loved the sutta for its extensive treatment of ethics for lay people.


There are a lot! But this one - AN 2.32 is my favorite (with AN4.63 a close second).

Just don’t do anything immoral to support them! :grinning:


I also remember a sutta where it says that elders are not to be respected just because of their advanced years. They must reduce their craving, aversion and delusion to be respected, but this doesn’t mean they can be disrespected either, in the spirit of universal loving-kindness!


I’m an adopted person, and particularly grateful to my adoptive parents. I narrowly avoided ending up in long-term care.