Great Wood at Vesālī

I’ve been rereading the Vinaya. At what point should it just be an offense for a monk to just go take a nap in the Great Wood at Vesālī? It seems like as soon as they shut their eyes they were getting sat on left and right.

And by the way, someone should tell these Chinese men buying rhino horns to just invest in caterpillars.

I am not sure if I understand your question and the OP itself, but you got me curious! Would it be possible to provide more info on the offense you allude to?

Is your question related to anything specifically it found, mentioned or analysed anywhere in the Bhikkhu Vinaya Pitaka’s Vibhaṅga, Khandhaka or Parivāra?


The specific context is, of course, better seen as a fable than a record of events. But the general principle is that a monastic should avoid places that are agocara, i.e. places where you’re likely to encounter inappropriate behavior, such as a brothel, etc. It’s not always easy to define this clearly, so it’s not really a Vinaya offence as such (except maybe in a few cases), more of a guiding principle.


Ok. Now I get it. @Namarupa is alluding to the events described in the analysis of the Parajika #1.

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