Green asterisks

Could someone explain the green asterisks that i see so often in the Suttas? I can’t make any sense of them.
And…is there somewhere that i should have seen an explaination of this? I really don’t like to ask questions that i should have been able to answer on my own. :upside_down_face:

Have you tried putting your cursor over it?

When you are viewing a sutta, click on the “views” icon and you will see the option to either not have the asterisks or show the footnotes outright.

I don’t think there is anywhere that explains everything about the site. But when in doubt, click on it. You won’t break anything. :blush:


Thank you once again Snowbird!!

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Wow. I thought there was a lot of material here… And then i clicked on one of those asterisks!!!
Wow. I will be here until my falling apart.