Group readings - Is there any interest here?

Hello, I’m interested in reading suttas with other active learners. I have entertained the idea of having a small group reading of the suttas on a couple of other forums with little response. Is this a viable idea, and would it garner any interest here? Thanks


You have any idea how to organize it?

If it’s weekly for example, one sutta needs to be choosen in advance, the group members informed and read it, come to the discussion and just discuss, there needs to be a facilitator to keep the topic in check and not go too far off tangent, etc.

And it’s the organizer’s job to keep things going, even when there’s only like 3 people joining some weeks. It’s only with persistence and stability that the group can grow and have a reputation of being able to be counted on.

As well as the format, zoom call? Chat? etc.


I found some great guidance here

  • Guidelines for Sutta Reading: The Sacred Mountain Sangha offers guidelines for contemplative sutta reading in a group and on your own, with instruction from Peter Woods.
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Hello, Bhante Paññādhammika.

The organizational plans I had in mind would include using a messaging app to practice via voice chat. Content would include reading suttas sequentially in a selected Nikaya. Participants would take turns reading paragraphs. Group reading would be facilitated by use of a free and available translation offered online. After reading, discussion would be limited to the scope of the sutta. Moderation of discussion of the topic would be important, as you mention.

The integrity of the group would be maintained so long as there are willing participants. Closure of the group would be avoided in favor of changing its organizer, and should the absolute need for closure arise, its intention of closure would be explicit. I don’t foresee a reason for closure.

This idea is open to the inclusion of changes and new ideas from others. Ultimately, I would enjoy learning with others.


Thanks for sharing this resource

Bhante linked this post in another thread :pray:t3:
I have been hosting a sutta reading group for the past few months and it’s been very helpful. Would love to have you join if you are available
Sundays at 11AM central standard time

Thank you for reaching out. I’m interested and would like more details

@seeker108 please check your private messages. I’ve sent you a link to join