Guide to become a student/monk

Hi everyone.
First I want to give thanks to all you for your tremendous aportation to the knowledge about the Dhamma, delivered to the ones who are not so immersed in this “world”, and who paciently read in silence, observe and learn.

Secondly and the main goal of this post is to request advice or a guideline to become a student/monk in a temple/monastery in Asia. I do personally would be interested in temples located in Sri Lanka, Thailand or Laos, and the processes of application and requisites.

Almost 5 years of experience in meditation practice, in a daily basis, so a lay with some training.
But making concrete requestings;

-What temples/monasteries/places do you know to have “open doors” or availability to foreigners for study and join the Sangha and follow his Vinaya(in ordinary words, become a monk or inside student)?

-What are the main pre considerations to take into account at the hour to travel and apply, such as the monetary cost, accommodation, documents, laws, etc(I’m 27 years old, from Chile).

-Any other observations and orientations are very well received and appreciated.

Very determined to take this step.

Beforehand, thank you very much.

(I searched in other similar threads but didn’t find so much about what I seek now.)


Here is a good place to start from the good people over at Dhamma Wheel!