Haiku: your pet peeve and other musings about Buddhism

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What thing bugs you the most about Buddhism? Please write a Haiku about it here, it’ll make you feel better to get it off your chest.

Live to serve, not taught
Dhamma Vinaya complete
Confucius, begone


:thinking: could you also write the associated atthakatha? I’ve never been good at interpreting poems and other such beautiful but cryptic texts…


My Haiku stands on its own. I will say this: it was not any sort of claim to an attainment.


The temple is clean.
The practitioners, astute.
Look! A “cyber sage” .

(The internet is lousy with self-proclaimed “stream-winners”.)


Gotama’s lotus.
A Zen sun rises, beams forth,
casts western shadows


My biggest pet peeve:
Doesn’t have five syl


Apple logos shine
Aside shaven monk heads, poor
Richer than lay folk


Buddhism’s owners:
Facebook, Youtube; middlemen
Ruled by “Like” buttons


Communal Windows
Badly maintained, sluggish hell
Amidst well-swept paths


Had to ‘like’ that one just to be part of the system I guess. :roll_eyes:


The practice demands
My responsibility
I live mindlessly


Not about Buddhism - perhaps about monastic life in the West.

Housing chart spreadsheet;
transportation logistics.
Where is root of tree?

But in truth I also love that there are great visitors that need accommodations and that we have both a monastery and a hermitage to share.


Cult of monk worship
Obscures release here and now
Superstition reigns


Men cling to their "roots"
Identifying as men.
No gender? Freedom.

(oh, awful “poem”. But may all be freed, including silly me, not-me, not-not-me)

edit: adding here cuz they are a pair.

Women have their “gaps”,
" Wymons’herstory…
No gender? freedom!


Dhamma disputes
In a sea of undisciplined tongues
A palm leaf sits still


One sage and two truths,
Three marks, four truths, five khandhas
No consensus here!


Wind blows, string bundles
Flowers stir then rest silent
Not chained, my brothers


Evaṃ me sutaṃ:
"Five great elements, no quarks!"
Some’s Buddhadharma.


I’m “svabhava” sick,
Out of my mind with “empty”,
Are these things just words?


This food they’ve cut
Into maha and hina extremes
The ancestors ate by the middle