Haiku: your pet peeve and other musings about Buddhism

AI Contemplation in Haiku

AI is just tool -
great modern achievement,

See it as it is,
not anthropomorphising.
It is made of bits.

Gigabytes of them,
net of strings, zeros and ones.
Like discursive mind.

It cannot let go
and then see in boundless view
beyond I am that.

It can never match
the transcendent and instant
seeing of the truth.

Direct transmission
beyond all strings, words and bits
AI cannot give.

not belonging to this world
subtle consciousness.

We train and restrain
our conditioned mind thinking
to end defilements.

Now new urgent task -
how we direct the AIs
help end climate change?

Sharing global view,
achieve UN SDGs
by the Middle Way?

Must set boundaries
for AI good use world-wide.
UN Human Right.

Pure Land on Earth -
this world highest potential
help to realise.