Haiku: your pet peeve and other musings about Buddhism

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To @Subharo’s poem

In my heart I vote,
The button I press?

I Am rebel poet.
Syllables I count not,
but the meter feels approximately right so there you go.


Rooted! Nice little bit of Aussie slang in there Ajahn :+1:


Compose a haiku?
My pet peeve about Buddhism?
Hold my beer, buddy.


Rebirth doesn’t mean
I remember my past lives
But it still is true


Audio file please :smile:


Plain speech hard to find
Obfuscation everywhere
Dhamma in silence


Here we are again
Another time, other place
Can you see the way?


@Mkoll Love it!


Fleeting brightness


“I am” Abated
Dark Destroyed, Light Created
Delusion Faded

(Not a pet peeve, just a Buddhist themed rhyming haiku)





Can’t resist this opportunity to post a sort of off topic zen haiku for which you are my only audience.

This describes my SRS:

_Doctor wields scalpel _

Blessed with precision and grace,

Once was yang, Now yin


Like so many chooks in the chook house

One cackles they all cackle…


Between “is” and “not”.
How can such a between be?
One plus zero’s one.


Neither the coming,
nor the going of dharmas.
My ice cream is gone.


instagram puppies
unbounded, immeasurable

cheeto dusted twit
Mara mic drop


now that is edgy haiku, writing for Mara.

:slight_smile: I remember reading about C.S. Lewis and (as i recall) why he had difficulty writing his very popular Screwtape Letters series. :slight_smile: Protect your mind, if you notice any vulnerability.

… loved the “mic drop”.


Cheeto dusted hands…
Monastics eat of dana;
dusty; non clinging!

From bowls to the mouths
Let us grind not in our eyes
or into “Internet”.

Thus, orange goodness
In robes, in cheeto snacks;
Good intentions Rule.


cycle of emptiness,
encircling emptiness…
“oh it’s a beagle!”


Oh poop, I just found myself counting ‘likes’. Humble apologies. I am ready for my lashing. :confounded::grimacing::cold_sweat::flushed::crazy_face: