Happy 6th anniversary!

This forum was established on this very day six years ago, and it has been thriving ever since :heart_eyes:

All of this wouldn’t be possible without Bhante @sujato’s vision and dedication, which led to the establishment of SuttaCentral and this supporting forum, but it would also not be such a friendly and safe place without the dedication and tireless work of many, who volunteered to serve as @moderators or helped supporting this effort in one way or another during all those years.

And it would also not be the same without all of us, who visit here and make this community grow and prosper, hopefully for many years to come.

Here’s some :cake: for everyone, happy anniversary!


And it wouldn’t be the same without your wonderful compilations of talks and courses and resources @Musiko :heart_eyes:

I feel so lucky we have this space to discuss all things EBTs in such a friendly and open environment. Thanks to all present and past @moderators indeed :pray:


Happy anniversary to all and may all who touch here be enriched.


Wow. Happy 6th anniversary everyone!
Thank you Bhante Sujato :pray:
My sincere thanks to all the founders and developers :pray:
Thank you admins musiko and blake for your continued efforts :pray:
Thank you moderators Gillian, Erik, Nadine and brahmali for your continued efforts :pray:
and thank you all my fellow members :pray:
The efforts taken by founders and developers in making suttas available on Sutta Central, with many translations; and necessary development done in order to facilitate various operations making the website more accessible, with the language and font options, among others, are truly praiseworthy.
I feel so fortunate to be a part of this forum!
Once again, thank you all and wishing all a very happy 6th Anniversary!
May you be happy! May this community continue to grow and prosper!
With Metta. :smile:


Amazing. It took me almost so many to find suttacentral. :joy: congratulations :confetti_ball: the best thing that happened on the Internet. :slight_smile:


Happy anniversary everyone, especially Bhante @Sujato, to whom many, many thanks. :pray:

sadhu. Sadhu. sadhu.