Has anyone done the proper pali checking for this metta chant?


I grew up listening to this chant by Imee Ooi and now I am doing the corrections for adding in all the pāli letters which are missing in the website above for a chanting book.

I added in Bhikkhuniyo, sikkhamānāyo and sāmaṇeriyo there, all in nom. plural form.

There’s a few which is minimal change to plural form, arakkha devata has to become ārakkhadevatā.

And some quite drastic change: upasikaya becomes upāsikāyo.
matapitu becomes mātāpitaro.

Ismasmim is hilarious, for being a mispelling of Imasmiṁ.

Anyone had done this work before? I am surprised if no one has because, given the drastic changes, the song totally has to be rerecorded to get it properly done.

And I would need to send this to Imee Ooi see if she wants to rerecord the properly pāḷi accurate version.

Ok, done by Ven. Ānandajoti: Texts and Translations - Home Page

I only found out near the end, good thing too for it helped me to avoid some errors.

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Her pronunciation here is so totally wrong that I would be amazed after all these years that she didn’t know.

This actually serves as a good example of the way the prohibition on monks singing the text with a drawn out voice works. If you are chanting in a way that distorts the long and short syllables then that’s a problem.

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