Hello Everyone

Hello everyone


Did Gotama Buddha speak Pali? I thought he spoke Magadhi.

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I believe Pali is the language his teachings were later written down with, after having been passed down through many centuries orally. I wish you your end through balance.

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" There are two extremes, immense misfortune,pain and complete ignorance of Suffering." - Buddha

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You might be interested in reading The Genesis of the Bodhisattva Ideal by Anālayo. The third chapter will be especially pertinent:

3 The Advent of the Next Buddha … 95
3.1 Maitreya in the Discourse on the Wheel-turning King 95
3.2 The Maitreya Episode in Comparative Perspective 107
3.3 Maitreya in the Discourse on an Explanation about the Past 113
3.4 The Prediction of Maitreya 118


See here about Prof Gombrich’s new book on the issue of what language the Buddha spoke.

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