Hello from California! New User Here!

Just saying hello to all the SuttaCentral members! This is an awesome website! I’ve been following the discussions here since the beginning of June (which is also when I became a Buddhist), and finally decided to make an account. I’ve been watching a lot of Dhamma videos on YouTube with Ajahn Brahm, Ajahn @Brahmali & Ajahn @sujato and from there I found this website. Now I’m ready to take a dip into the fun and insightful waters of Dhamma talk!


Welcome to the forum, Jose!


Thank You!

Hi Jose, welcome! May you find peace and happiness. :cake:


Thank you, Bhante! I appreciate all the work you do! I really enjoyed your book on the authenticity of the EBTs.



And ye take care, thur be sharks 'ere too.



Welcome @Jose!

If you happen to be near LA, I’ll be staying at Mahapajapati Monastery in the Mohave for 6 months. Feel free to drop by if you want a chat!


Thanks for the invitation! :smile:

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Good to have you with us! Hope you enjoy it here.

with metta

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Hi, Welcome to SC.

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Hi Jose,
Are you the Jose from my other regular internet haunts?
Welcome either way :slight_smile:

No, but there are many millions of us Jose’s in the world, and I’ve only been a Buddhist for about four months, too soon to start pestering the monastics online! :rofl:

No problem! I was just talking to another Jose about SC discourse on the Students of the Path group on Discord. Then you liked a whole lot of my posts. So I put 2&2 together and got 5!

You are welcome to join us so we have 2 Joses. It’s an online community of monastics and lay folks and we do weekly sutta discussions, voice chats and share what we are reading.

It says it’s for gamers but I’ve never played an online game in my life.

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Thanks for the invite! I’ll have to check it out!