Help to find a sutta with a simile/comparison

Is there any sutta in the canon which describes “dhamma” as a “mirror” (helps someone to correct themselves kind of idea)?

I think the sutta you’re looking for is MN 61, where the Buddha was teaching a young Rahula:

“What do you think about this, Rāhula? What is the purpose of a mirror?”
“Its purpose is reflection, revered sir.”
“Even so, Rāhula, a deed is to be done with the body (only) after repeated reflection; a deed is to be done with speech (only) after repeated reflection; a deed is to be done with the mind (only) after repeated reflection."

There’s also the “Mirror of the Dhamma” section of DN 16, by which a noble disciple can determine whether they’ve reached stream-entry:

Therefore, Ananda, I will give you the teaching called the Mirror of the Dhamma, possessing which the noble disciple, should he so desire, can declare of himself: ‘There is no more rebirth for me in hell, nor as an animal or ghost, nor in any realm of woe. A stream-enterer am I, safe from falling into the states of misery, assured am I and bound for Enlightenment.’


Thank you so much! Yes, I was looking for that first sutta MN 61. The other reference is also a valuable one. May the triple gem bless you!!!

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I just found another sutta in AN 10.51 ‘‘One’S Own Mind’’ which gives the same idea. Hope this will also be helpful for who would read the topic.

“And how is a bhikkhu skilled in the ways of his own mind? It is just as if a woman or a man—young, youthful, and fond of ornaments—would look at her or his own facial reflection in a clean bright mirror or in a bowl of clear water. If they see any dust or blemish there, they will make an effort to remove it. But if they do not see any dust or blemish there, they will be glad about it; and their wish fulfilled, they will think, ‘How fortunate that I’m clean!’ So too, self-examination is very helpful for a bhikkhu to grow in wholesome qualities.