Helpful video - pls watch. Sankhara as foundation

I appreciate the simplicity of the message here as I was watching this my breathing calmed down so I reckon it is good dhamma

The video delves into the meaning of sankhara as it relates to sankhata. He brings in a couple of suttas from the Salāyatana vagga of the majjhima nikāya to explain

The light dependent on candle flame, wick and wax is sankhata, by cause of which is sankhara.

The shade dependent on tree, branches and leaves is sankhata, by cause of which is sankhara.

The foundation of a conditioned thing is impermanent, which renders the thing impermanent, much like the second story of a house built on a faulty first story; it is prone to falling apart

There cannot be said to be the second story of a house without the first story

In this way, the first story is the ‘formation’ or ‘sankhara’ of the second story (the ‘formed’, ‘sankhata’)

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Who was or who is his Dhamma teacher ? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure of that. It sounds much like he has analyzed the suttas himself And produced this conclusion. This is very much in line with the early Buddhist approach

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