Hermit of Bundala

Reading “the Hermit of Bundala” a biography of Venerablt Nanavera’s life. Is the Ven. Nanamoli discussed as his friend and companion in Dhamma the same as the author of the Life of the Buddha book?

When the war ended Musson was, according to his own account, in no special need of money and very dissatisfied with his life. In 1948 he was living in London, sharing a flat with a good friend and onetime fellow-officer, Osbert Moore, who felt similarly dissatisfied. They decided to settle their affairs in England, put society behind them, and go to Ceylon to become Buddhist monks. In 1949 they received Novice Ordination at the Island Hermitage, Dodanduwa (from Ven. Ñāṇatiloka), and in 1950 the Higher Ordination as bhikkhus at the Vajirārāma monastery, Colombo. Osbert Moore was given the monastic name of Ñāṇamoli, and Harold Musson that of Ñāṇavīra.

And, yes, This would be the same Ven. Ñāṇamoli.

Awesome friend thanx, I truly love both Notes on Dhamma and Life of the Buddha and had no idea although slightly that they were kind of related. At least through the respective authors being close.