Hierarchy of forum debates

The pyramid of argumentation :grinning:


:rofl: So funny and true :joy:


Looks like a play on the well-known Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs…


Venerable Maslow :anjal:

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Wow… this is really making me feel OLD! :older_adult:

When I first studied this in 1980 in Psych, it was a much different beast. I want to thank you @Mkoll as your post prompted me to go back to the original :grinning:

You can find it here - no triangle yet, just a heirarchy of needs as pertaining to human motivation. Classics in the History of Psychology -- A. H. Maslow (1943) A Theory of Human Motivation

When I was studying at this time, I was just a little emerging Buddhist… But re-reading it now, it is striking how I can see Buddhist thought underpinning so much of it. Except that where the Buddha said to ‘turn right’,regards to the conclusions, science turns ‘left’.

So interesting to re-read something like this with an almost 40 year gap in between. @Mat you may find it interesting if it takes your fancy - even just the scholarly conventions.

Anyway, I’ve appreciated the distraction!! :smiley:


:slight_smile: i note that the hierarchy of argumentation has a negative focus, i.e. how to take apart, which is a necessary but not sufficient skill for argumentation. There also must be a side to build, to offer the positive, to make a point.

Either negativity or positivity is also insufficient to achieve ultimate liberation. But either and maybe both are part of one’s path, part of being a whole integrated human or a whole human community.

TY for triggering these thoughts.

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I thought the OP picture was a joke. Ironic/black humour.


lol well perhaps it is! Though in fact functional for A role at times.

D’ohhhhh mmm?

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My opinion only.
You know the thing with the process of logical argumentation is sometimes the ego. People get into their viewpoint as if it was the only and right way to think. I believe argumentation is a wonderful way to see another person’s point of view. It’s ok if it doesn’t jive with mine. It’s not that anyone is right or wrong necessarily, just different. Don’t get me wrong sometimes people are really of the mark and it is proper to let them know, but in a kind and constructive way. I want to hear a better argument/point of view. Not what’s wrong with yours. Sometimes I see a back and forth of wits and one-upmanship. Boring. Show me and tell my your point of view excels not why mine is faulty. All in all I really appreciate this forum. I learn so so much. You people are really smart and scholarly. It’s something I would like to aspire to. Having different world views is what makes life interesting.



You forgot “passive aggressive” communication.

Courtesy of refugees from another forum, moderated with an authoritarian philosophy wrapped in the cloak of “Right Speech”.

People who stayed in that forum too long forgot how to make an honest point and brought the passive aggressive style with them ( making thinly veiled attacks on people, then hiding in the skirts of the voluminous TOS if anyone calls them on it ).

It isn’t too bad for me, then again I stop reading a thread when it veers off the original topic.

I hate the concept of Thanisarro Bhikkhu’s samvega as a means of motivation, but it does have its moments.

Life is short, don’t piss it away on a hair splitting passive aggressive exchange on the Internet. Better to sit at your computer and do nothing until the smoke from the pissing contest dissipates from your mind.

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No disrespect meant dxm.

If you had taken the time to make your charts and used it for walking meditation instead you would have gotten more benefits.

There will always be those who bicker on the Internet.

You don’t have to let them pull you down by your ankle.

IMHO the graphic you made also hurts suttacentral.

It sends out the signal that this is a place for a dustup like other Buddhist forums are.

The increased visibility of Sutta Central and this discussion board will bring that. You don’t have to help it along.

Please consider removing your thread.