Hillside Hermitage coming soon to Slovenia!

First, I would just like to thank the @moderators for allowing me to share this announcement. It is very much appreciated. :pray:t3:

For those who are not familiar, Hillside Hermitage was founded by Ajahn Nyanamoli in Sri Lanka in 2014. Over the course of 8 years he, along with other monks and some lay volunteers, constructed several kutis and a multitude of pathways on a rugged and steep piece of land in the Knuckles Range. As time went on, there was increased development in the village below, which gradually chipped away at the seclusion that was the hallmark of this isolated hermitage.

With that, the monks opted to leave Sri Lanka a few months ago and have since spent time in both Serbia and Slovenia as they worked to secure land to continue the mission of developing a hermitage focused on seclusion in a rugged environment. I have just gotten word that the land has been secured and the plan is to build two to three kutis, each with limited solar capabilities and a rain collection system (as running water is not going to be available). This endeavor will obviously come with considerable costs and I’m here to ask any who are interested in giving to this group of monks to contribute here. To ensure your contribution goes directly to the construction of this new hermitage, please use the drop down and select “New Hermitage Building Development”.

I was lucky to come across Ajahn Nyanamoli’s writings just before he left Europe for Sri Lanka in 2014, and over the last 8 years was able to keep up with the growth of the hermitage. I can assure you that the construction projects in Sri Lanka were always very well-managed and innovative, though never over-built beyond the needs of the monastic residents.

It will be a blessing to see this dedication to the Dhamma and seclusion continue as they work to establish a community in Slovenia. There are many inspiring forest monastic communities and this is one that is certainly worthy of support.

Thank you for listening, and thank you to all those who are able to lend their support. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. Be sure to keep watch on the Hillside Hermitage YouTube Channel for construction updates!


So pleased to see such a positive response to this announcement and a bunch of action on the links!



Wonderful news. What will happen to a
the monastey’s many pet dogs (who arguably are the real stars of the Hillside Hermitage :joy:)

Will they be travelling to Slovenia too?


Hi Bhante,

From what I’ve heard they were able to get a bunch of them adopted prior to leaving. Based on who I’ve seen wandering in the background of some recent videos, it appears only Timmy has accompanied them from Sri Lanka. For now he is the OG canine of the interim Hillside. :dog2:

Once again, the generosity so far has been very wonderful to see and Hillside is very much appreciative of the positive reception and support. :pray:t3:


Congratulations, venerables. Sorry to hear of the loss of the SL hermitage, it’s the sad reality of all-too-many great forest monasteries and secluded places. Anyway, may your new home be nourishing for you all! :pray:


I will be sure to pass on this sentiment, Bhante!

I’m glad to hear that Timmy made it to Slovenia. The doggies where part of my forest hermitage dream!