Hīne brahmaloke

Dear Sanghas and Dhamma Friends,

When i read the MN97, i stumbled upon a word “hīne brahmaloke”. When i looked at the dictionary,
hīna means low
brahmaloke means brahma realms.
The question is, why did everybody translate it into “brahma worlds” when it should be translated as “Lower Brahma World”

With Metta

I’m not sure what translation you’re referring to, but I’ve checked those by Ven Bodhi, Ven Thanissaro, I.B. Horner, and Chalmers, and they all translate this using the singular, using something like, as you suggested, “lower Brahmā realm”.

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Thank you for the reply bhante

well that’s weird, i’ve read all of them and i didn’t find the word lower or inferior before and now the word is in there. i guess it’s my fault for not reading them carefully, i’m very sorry bhante.


You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve done the same thing!

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