How can I help?

I would like to offer my help to suttacentral. How can I do so?

I’ve been a practising Buddhis since 2009. I’ve been working with computers for over thirty years. I studied Pàli at Sydney University with Mark Allon.

Please let me know if I can help. :pray:


Thank you so much for your offer to help! Interesting that you’ve studied with Mark Allon. We can certainly use volunteers.

Can you give me a bit more background on what kind of programming languages you know? We use mainly html, css, python, javascript (and Polymer).

@Sujato, are you still in Sydney? Would a face-to-face meeting be helpful?


I know Python very well. Learning new languages isn’t the difficulty. It’s new domains. I’ve done very little web based stuff but I have no doubt I can pick it up. There are plenty of good online courses nowadays.

Yes. I’m still in Sydney. In Roseville on the North Shore. A face-to-face meeting would be a good idea.

I’m doing consulting work at the moment so I’m flexible timewise.


Hi Anders! Welcome to D&D!

We’re in exactly the same boat here! I just joined the team as a volunteer a few weeks ago. Almost all of my background has been with Visual Studio building management systems for businesses. The web is proving to be a bit of a learning curve for me with all the different frameworks and tools, but it’s all very cool and interesting! Your Python skills will certainly be useful as well!

In case you haven’t look at it yet, the code is open-source and is available at

The bulk of the code is in the /suttacentral repo with instructions for deploying and development.

I’ve been working on a few online courses as well. I just finished
and really enjoyed it. It has a lot of good practice with some of the tools used in web development.

I just started this one too and am really liking it so far:
SuttaCentral is a PWA and uses Polymer and Web Components.

If you know of or run across any good courses, I would love to hear about them.

Again, welcome and I look forward to getting to know you!


Hi @anders it would be great to meet. I’m in Castle Hill for today and tomorrow, then I’m off to Sri Lanka. Would that give us time to meet?

My address: 5 St Pauls Ave, Castle Hill.

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Yes. Not today unfortunately. How about tomorrow afternoon some time after 1 o’clock?

That sounds perfect! Just let me know the time. (After 5pm is good here, it’s a child care centre, so the kids have gone home by then. But anyway, earlier is fine too, there will just be some screaming in the background!)

Hi Alfred, thanks for the leads. My background is algorithmic trading exclusively on Linux.

I’ll start with cloning the repo and having a look. I’ll definitely have a look at the courses.

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It will have to be earlier than 5. Let’s say 2 for now if that suits. Looking forward to it :pray:

2pm it is then. See you then.


Excellent. See you then