How do i avoid killing insects when mopping my floor

I want to mop my floors but if i mop some insects can drown while im doing it how do i avoid killing them

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trusolo (on behalf of the moderators)

Try to sweep them first and put a kind of obstacle all around so that they don’t come.

If they still come and if the only danger is to make them sink, then try to mop without too much water.

And you can mop slowly with the intention that they go on the mop rather than being crushed by it.


Also, mop around the insects that you see. Not onto them.

Really sweep first is key.

And not eating in places where you don’t want ants to come. And to clean up immediately after eating in the dining room.


Could we have more details, please?

  1. Floor to insect ratio. How many insects are we talking about?
  2. Insect nature, size, temperment, rate of reproduction, etc.
  3. Any other risk factors like stingers.

Answering this sort of question is like Buddhist nun 101 but for the life of me I never know if people mean one or two ants or a colony of angry bees.

Or fireants. Things are always different with fireants.

If not fireant, can just remove insect on a piece of paper or thin plastic slid under another plastic container (DIY insect catcher), prior to mopping. You can keep the insect catcher ready to go for next time, too, just write “for insects” and put it in a corner.

Or you could wait until they go and mop later. In many cases.

The last time this scenario happened to me, it was fleas though…


My thought is to just do your best to be careful and mindful. So many things that we do in life, such as riding a bicycle or even taking a walk, can result in the killing of insects on the path. We know that the Buddha taught that, the quality of our kamma Is characterized by our intention. I think if we really try to be mindful of the living things around us And do everything that we do in this way as carefully as possible we can have a fairly bright conscience about this.