How do I link two threads?

Continuing the discussion from Fundamentalism?:

@laurence, moved this question to Q&A because you are just asking for some basic help.

I suggest that discussion of fundamentalism continues in that thread over in the water cooler. And, hey, please remember to have fun. :grin:


Linking to threads:

  1. You can right-click on the thread title and select “copy link address” from the context menu, then post this link address wherever you want.
  2. You can click on the link symbol at the bottom of any single post in a thread and copy the link from there. If you are logged in with a user account this link will also include a reference to who shared it.
    Like for example: How do I link two threads? (Hover with your mouse over this link and you will see the full url which includes my username in the left bottom corner of your screen.)

No right-click option on my phone - no mouse to hover with, no fancy i-phone. I will experiment! :thinking:

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Of course, on a phone it’s different. Instead of right-clicking you can leave your finger a bit longer on the title, and this will give you some options to choose from. Select “copy url”. Or you can of course click on the link symbol at any individual post and copy from there.


Dear Sabbamitta, I just can’t make it happen except by luck. When I select the link it gives me options on my phone but S.C. isn’t among them. If you would like to help I would be grateful? Can you link ‘The stream of the Dhamma’ thread with the ‘Fundamentalism’ thread?

There should be the option “copy to clipboard” or something like that (on my phone it’s in German, so that won’t help you :grin:). After copying you go to the other thread, also hold your finger a bit longer into the text entry field, and select “paste” from what appears.

Try it yourself! If you can’t make it you can always ask here again. But it will feel good to have managed it, and you will then know for the future.

By the way:

Do i-phones have something like a “real” mouse function? :open_mouth:

And something else: Given the lengthy posts you are sometimes writing, imagining this is all written on a phone is very impressive to me! I find writing longer texts on a phone very cumbersome and avoid wherever possible.

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OK, I think I have a clipboard option, if I fail again, I will give up.

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Don’t give up easily. It is your phone, it is your tool, and it is always good to be able to use one’s tools for all different kinds of purposes. Good luck anyway!