How do I ordain as a nun?

Hello @Amrapali

Sadhu!! Very inspiring to read your story and aspirations! Thank you for sharing! :blush::pray:

To add to everything that has been shared, I’m pretty sure that Ven Canda at Anukampa is thinking of having space to take on trainees: that’s part of the rationale for Anukampa’s recent move to a larger property. When the space will be available, that’s not yet clear, but the plan is definitely there. :blush:

I’m always encouraging people to consider ordination, esp those who already aspire to ordain, female or male. IMO the Vinaya is “The Training Program” created by the world’s Master Trainer, with an excellent track record for results (ie Nibbana) in the people who have stuck to the training.

While you can still walk the Eightfold Path outside in lay life, the Vinaya is really the closest we have to an eight-lane highway to Nibbana (with the Parajikas being “danger! Point of No return!” signs at the edges of the highway)… Lay folks only have a compass pointing to Nibbana and have to bash through the sensory jungles of Samsara, with all its traps!

So I wish you all the best, and hope for you that conditions ripen for you to ordain and practice with energy. :blush::pray::pray::pray:

With much metta,
PJ / Ajita


Thank you so much for your kind response! I just saw on Anukampa’ Facebook group that they just set up a new permament monastery different from the place they were renting beforehand! I’m not set on it yet, but I think I’ve found a nice place. I’ll continue exploring options though.

Much Metta! <3


Sādhu! @Amrapali

The recommendations from the bhikkhunīs on this thread are great.

Staying within the EU would make visas and such a non-issue, but I’d also highly recommend traveling around to get a sense of what communities are like elsewhere. In my experience, it was important to physically visit monasteries to get a sense of the community, schedule, etc. You may find that European monasteries have everything you need in regard to a balance of service, formal training and practice opportunities, or you may feel more at home in Thailand or Sri Lanka (for example).

Regarding talking with family, I found this Q&A with some of the folks at Empty Cloud was great:

And this one where they answer questions about monastic life was also very helpful:

To echo what was said earlier, I’d also recommend going out and gradually staying at and living at monasteries before talking with your family about your aspirations and commitment. Initially, it’s an interst and exploration. It might also be helpful to, every once in a while, drop in comments about the positive influence that following the Buddha’s teachings have had on you. (Example: "You know, mum, since I’ve started meditating regularly I’ve been able to handle the pressures of exams much better!”)

You’re welcome to keep in touch with me via private message if you’re interested in knowing more about my personal experiences. I also have a collection of resources (works by and about bhikkhunīs) I’m happy to share :slight_smile:

Sukhāya patipadāya Khippābhiññā Hōtu! :pray:
(Someone said this to me after a retreat in Sri Lanka. She said it means something like, “In a comfortable proceeding of the path, may you attain nibbāna fast.”)

I wish you much success on your path!

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Welcome Amrapali,

While looking at your request, inclination and directions you receive from others will help you guide a way, I was reading this book through this book and thought came to consider this line for reflection.

When mindfulness and discernment are complete, women and men can both pass over and beyond — with no question of their having to be ordained.
The Dhamma thus doesn’t stipulate that it’s only for those who are ordained. What is stipulated is that we cure defilement with persistent effort. This is something very important. We have to be very interested in this point.

Ajaan Maha Boowa Ñanasampanno. maha_boowa_straight_from_the_heart (Kindle Locations 1328-1329). Kindle Edition.

Free copies of book can be found here Straight from the Heart | Abhayagiri Monastery
And there are plenty of resources available worldwide on Buddha Dhamma Sangha, SuttaCentral, various YouTube videos, monastery websites, retreats, Vipassana centers etc. you could use to practice this while you decide on your next step.

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While you say the truth, it should not be the only way, “the more you give the more you get”. Please let me know the website of your monastery for making donations

Thank you

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Sadhu, anumodana!

I live at Watermoon monastery:

We are the forest branch of the Miao Fa Center in Berlin, Germany, and are supported through them. That’s why their name is on the bank account.

If you live outside of the EU, you can also support us through Go Fund Me:

Please don’t use Go Fund Me if you’re inside the EU. They deduct a percentage of your donation as fees.


Sadhu, anumodana to the person who already made a donation!

I just wanted to leave the link to the Empty Cloud Italia project here as well:

If this comes true, it is going to be the first Theravada monastery in Italy for both bhikkhus and bhikkhunis, and the only place where bhikkhunis can live. (Monks have monasteries in Italy already). The first resident will be Bhikkhuni Soma @ayyasoma, who is Italian herself and is currently co-abbess at Empty Cloud Monastery in the US.
They have a deadline to raise 300.000 Euros to purchase the land. This is a great opportunity to support a place of practice for bhikkhunis, and help establish the dhamma in a new country.