How is 'adipattheyya' spelt and where is it used?

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I was just listening to Ajahn @Brahmali 's ‘Noble Eightfold Path Workshop 1, part 2’ from February 20th 2021. From 58:17 to 59:00, Ajahn discusses the Pali word ‘adipattheyya’ (that’s my attempt at the spelling simply based on hearing it just now). I’ve just tried looking up that word and also searching for it in Sutta Central but with no results :cry:

Could someone confirm the spelling of ‘adipattheyya’ for me, please? And for extra merit and bonus brownie points, a reference or two, or three, where the term is used in the texts would be super awesome :hugs:

I’m fairly familiar with the concept, I’m just not used to the Pali word for it. Many thanks in advance!

I think it is ādhipateyya, something like ‘in charge’.

AN3.40 is the ādhipateyya-sutta. :slight_smile:


Hi @Danny :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for your reply. I’m confident that the spelling you suggest is indeed the correct one. Thanks also for the link to the ādhipateyya sutta: I just read it, it’s excellent, and I’m equally confident that’s the sense of ‘being in charge’ that Ajahn @Brahmali had in mind when he was talking about mindfulness in the Noble Eightfold Path talk :pray: You’ve definitely accumulated many meritorious brownie points :clap:
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AN8.83 and AN10.58:

“Mindfulness is their ruler.” (sati-adhipateyyā)


Dear Ven. @Sunyo , Thank you very much indeed for your helpful reply! Those links are splendid :pray:

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