How to change "reply to" person?


If I notice my reply post direct to the wrong person, how can I edit the post so it direct to the person I want reply to? Thanks!

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Hi justletitgo, and welcome to the forum!

After the reply is published, its type (either reply to topic or reply to specific post) cannot be changed.

When reply is directed to a specific post (but only when it doesn’t immediately follow that post) there is an indicator in the top right corner displaying the user avatar and pointing to the original post.

The easiest way to direct your reply to the correct person, after it is already published, would be to edit your post and insert the quoted text you intended to reply to just above your text, like I did above. It will automatically display the person you are replying to.

And if the reply to the original post is completely out of context maybe add a short edit notice for the author.

Hope that helps


@musiko Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: