How to contribute to sc-data?

I’m very new at git/github. I have cloned the master branch of sc-data to my local machine.

I have corrections to make to one of the complex dictionary files. What is the proper procedure for proposing changes? Should I just make a PR on the main branch? Do I create my own branch?

Also, should I be making small commits and then put them all into one PR?


Make branch, add any changes to the branch, then push it and make a PR.

(we don’t have regular outside contributions to sc-data, but we are grateful for those that happen!)



I made a branch, but it’s telling me

You don't have permissions to push to 'suttacentral/sc-data' on GitHub. Would you like to create a fork and push to it instead?

I’m guessing that I don’t want to create a fork. Or do I? It seems that you can only create a branch that you have write permission on?

You do want to make a fork. Just cloning gives you a read-only copy. A fork is a personal copy of the repo that you can make changes to willy nilly. You then propose merging whatever changes you’ve made into the main repo via a “pull request” and if the maintainers of the repo like your proposal, they will accept it and merge it in.

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I just gave you write capabilities to sc-data.

To make changes:

  • start on master
  • git pull
  • git checkout -b my-branch-name
  • make changes
  • commit and push
  • Github will create a flag on the repo, make a pull request on that.
  • I’ll attend to it when I get the chance!