How to counter/approach 89 cittas of abhidhamma?

I am still new to Abhidhamma. Please guide me in the right way.

In Abhidhamma, we have 89 types of citta listed. I wonder if abhidhmma has any guidance to follow about how to counter approach these cittas when one becomes aware the arising of a specific citta from the list in his psyche.

Is the listing of cittas in abhidhamma is merely for academic studies, or there is a practical guidance given about how to approach them each in real life, beyond what Pali suttas explain?

I dunno the right answer.

For me, learning about all these types of different minds is useful especially for the whole and unwholesome types of 8 kamma generation minds.

2^3 combination of the 3 factors below.
Unhesitatingly, hesitate
without wisdom, with wisdom
With pleasure, neutral.

So the best mind to have when doing good is unhesitatingly, with wisdom, with pleasure. Wisdom mind is especially important to create rebirth with 3 rooted mind for attainment, should one not get liberation in this life or is not 3 rooted.

Best mind with least evil kamma is hesitate, with wisdom, with neutral.

With wisdom here means knowing kamma.

Having answers of kiriya, functional minds for arahants is useful to counter any argument that arahants produces kamma. I think this is contested by EBT.

Having that only anger mind produces unpleasant feeling is a good clue for anyone seeing that there’s still unpleasant mental feeling left means that one is not yet a non returner. And even if one is normally not an anger type person, the mere fact of experiencing unpleasant mental feeling means that there’s still slight annoyance, boredom etc. Still work to do.

The Jhāna minds only having one type of consciousness for each Jhāna is clear indication that there’s single pointedness in Jhāna absorption, no thinking, not that Jhāna is nothingness etc.