How to create urgency when you haven't really ever suffered

If you know Burmese, let me please recommend a large collection of Saṃvega stories together with very reliable explanation and elaboration in

သံဝေဂဝတ္ထု ဒီပနီ (Saṃvegavatthudīpanī) by ဒက္ခိဏာရာမတိုက်ဘုရားကြီးဆရာတော် အရှင် ဇာဂရာဘိဝံသ (venerable Jāgarābhivaṃsa, the chief monk of Dakkhiṇārāma monastery), published in 1986, Mandalay. It has around 800 pages and you can download it for free here -


Thank you for sharing this sutta, it answers the questions very well


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