How to do specific, limited searches

I wonder if there are more possibilities to specify searches than described in the help/search section. For example I want to study the context of the word “kāma”, but only in the Majjhima Nikaya. Is that possible? And if so is there a complete list of definers somewhere?
Thanks a lot!

We don’t currently have a way of delimiting full text search. It is definitely on the 2do list, though, and I don’t think it should be too hard to do.

I think we should be able to use the main search like this:

kāma in:mn,snp

and it would return results in the Majjhima and Sutta Nipata.

This would be very helpful for specific questions, looking forward to it!

Any progress on this? I was looking to do the exact same thing! I wanted to search for suttas containing a certain word to learn more about it.

Sorry, we’ve been focussing in other areas. Still on the to-do list!

not sure what level of refinement you’re after but it in principle is possible with the simple search too