How to figure out Old posts?

I don’t understand how to find a suggested post is about 1 year old. It shows only the month and date, but there is no visible way to see the post is old.
Please let me know if there is a way?
If there is no other way to find it out, showing the date with the year would be much better.
Please change the format of the date.
Thank you!


The date displayed depends on the age of the topic/post:

  • inside the first hour, minutes are displayed
  • inside first day, hours
  • then days
  • and inside the current year, a date (Month Day)
  • all dates from previous years are displayed simply as Month 'Year (mind the apostrophe)

You can check a less populated category like #courses to see for yourself.

And if you are interested in the exact date for each topic or post you can always click on the date (upper righthand corner of the post inside the topic view)


I appreciate your reply.
Many merits!


Thank you, this is indeed elucidating! I hadn’t noticed this slight little difference before… :smiley:


Oh the apostrophe! :joy: (’) :sweat_smile:
Nov '18
How could I miss that.


lol I never consciously understood this clever system before this was asked and answered. I just reminded myself not to get too attached to my thoughts in thinking about the thread or posting!

Oh well, now I know. =D