How to find a fair sutta analyzer?

Is it possible to become a fair analyzer or believer of Buddhist texts as a Putujjana? If possible what are their characteristics? How can we identify them?

We have seen many sutta analyzers check the authenticity of some suttas only when it has become an obstacle to continue with their (correct ot wrong) opinions and views. Many of them don’t try to check the authenticity of the suttas which supports there opinions.

They tend to believe even some of the commentaries and sub commentaries which they normally disregard when it is supporting their views. When they rejecting some suttas or commentaries, this has also been the case.

On the other hand, the people who believe the whole tipitaka including all the sub commentaries, also tend to confirm their view without any fair reasoning or investigation.

It has become a difficult task to identify blind faith and blind criticism.


Hi Thang,

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Maybe this book is of interest for you? It is possible to investigate the authenticity of the Buddhist texts by scientific means, and that’s what many scholars do.

If you are interested in courses taught by the authors of the above book, Bhikkhus Sujato & Brahmali, you can look here: Authenticity of Early Buddhist Texts – Samita ASBL

(Of course, even scholars have their biases, just as everybody has, and so nothing can exempt you from using your own critical mind.)